Special occasions

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When you share your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or other special moment with WWF-Canada, your personal milestone helps wildlife, nature and people thrive together.

Celebrate the special moments in your life

Hosting a fundraiser is a meaningful way to give back to nature and have a great time with your friends and family. It is easy to do and WWF-Canada will help you every step of the way.

ECHOage parties

Celebrating a birthday or another special occasion? Support wildlife at the same time by turning your party into an ECHOage party. Guests are invited to make a contribution that is split between a group gift for you and a cause of your choice. Plus, ECHOage offers personalized invitations and thank-you notes for guests. 
Learn more here.

Special occasion ideas


Instead of asking for presents, ask for donations to your fundraising page to help protect wildlife.

Holiday parties

Use your fundraising page as a wildlife holiday party invitation by emailing everyone the link. They can see all your party details and make a donation.

Bar/bat mitzvahs

Support WWF-Canada’s conservation work for your bar/bat mitzvah project and ask your family and friends to help.


Mark a special anniversary by asking loved ones to donate to your fundraising page, commemorating your shared commitment to conservation.


Instead of a gift registry, ask your guests to make a donation to WWF-Canada to celebrate your commitment to nature and one another. Include a link to your fundraising page with your wedding invitations or on your wedding website.

Graduations and achievements

Celebrate your special achievement by helping WWF-Canada achieve its conservation goals through your fundraising page.

Fundraising resources

Whether you are fundraising online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we have the tools you need. Download our fundraising event resources kit here.
Or, contact us at 1-800-26-PANDA (72632) or
to request a free resource kit be sent to you in the mail.
The kit includes:

Event Posters

Event Posters

Goal Posters

Goal Posters

Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips



Pledge Form

Pledge Form


Frequently asked questions

How can WWF help me with my event? 

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We hope your online participant center and fundraising page will be very helpful to you as you plan and carry out your event. WWF-Canada can also provide:

  • online tools to create your own fundraising page, and to invite others to donate and track your progress.
  • support materials such as stickers, postcards, posters, brochures and other informational pieces, based on availability.
  • acknowledgment of your direct contribution to WWF-Canada.
  • approval of the use of the WWF-Canada Fundraiser Badge/Logo.

WWF-Canada cannot provide:

  • staff or volunteer help for your event.
  • promotion of your event any place.
  • share access to donor or member contact information.
  • fund or reimburse any expenses incurred throughout the planning and execution of the event or apply for any licenses for your event. 

What kind of WWF materials do I have access to for my event? 

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Online, you will find pledge forms, posters, fundraising tips, event ideas and Facebook header images. WWF can provide you with printed posters and stickers, information on WWF-Canada Information Conservation programs upon request at gifts@wwfcanada.org.

Where do the funds I raise go? 

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The funds raised by you through your fundraising event will be used to support ambitious conservation plans. Please visit our website at www.wwf.ca to read recent annual reports and a detailed breakdown of how donor dollars are used in the work of the WWF.

Will my donors and I receive a tax receipt for the amount raised?

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Yes, you and your sponsors will receive a tax receipt for donations of $10 or more. Please make sure that you provide us with complete information for tax receipt purposes.

Can I use the WWF logo at my event? 

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WWF is one of the world’s most respected conservation organizations and our logo is among the most recognizable. After registering online, you may be able to use the fundraising badge/logo to promote your fundraising event. Please confirm details like where and how you intend to use the badge by sending an email to events@wwfcanada.org. Based on your intended use and format, we may release the logo file(s) and legal statement(s) complete with our terms of use. We respectfully request that you only use the templates provided, in the manner outlined, and do not manipulate our logo and the statements in any way. WWF-Canada must approve all materials before finalization.

How will the information collected because of my fundraiser be used by WWF-Canada? 

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The information collected will be used for purposes of fundraising event registration, issuing tax receipts (as applicable), periodic conservation updates and opportunities to support the mission. If you send us photos and testimonials — which we hope you will — they may be posted at wwf.ca and possibly used in WWF-Canada promotional pieces.