Tracking & Training

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Tracking your distance

Once you hit your fundraising goal, you're all set to Race for Wildlife between September 22-24. Your route is up to you! You can compete for your personal best time and complete your race all at once, or work towards your total distance over the weekend.

Sync your app or log your distance manually to see your course on your personal fundraising page.

Once the event starts on September 22, you will see your wildlife course tracker come to life as you go the distance for nature. 

Training Tips

Every year, people of all ages and fitness levels participate in athletic events to support the causes that matter to them.

Whether you’re going for a record time or your own personal best, we’ll help you stay on course and support your efforts to cross the finish line.

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Get in a routine

Try to train at least three times per week. However, don’t train if you’re unwell, as this might increase the time you’ll take to recover.

Train for time, not speed

Your training program should be designed to gradually increase the distance you can run rather than how fastespecially if you’re taking on a longer course. Try to avoid drastic increases in your training time: If you train for a total of 10 to 15 minutes three or four times in one week, don’t increase this by more than 10 minutes the following week.

Take it outside

Mix up your training! The gym or exercise equipment at home are great training options, especially on gloomier days, but don’t neglect the great outdoors.

Find your pack

Recruit a like-minded friend or friends to train with. This will be a fun way to hold yourselves accountable and stay on schedule. Plus, don’t forget about the post run celebrations you can enjoy together.

Want to have some extra fun?

Try running in the shape of your favourite species and share it at your social media!

Share your routes

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