Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Event

What is the WWF’s Run to Restore Nature? 

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WWF’s Run to Restore Nature is a fun family friendly event where you can go the distance for wildlife at your own pace. Walk, run, wheel or even skip your way to the finish line from May 7-15, 2022 anywhere in Canada. The distance you go is up to you—join the 5 km Swift Fox Sprint, 10 km Tiger Trek or The Great Half Marathon Caribou Migration (21 km) from wherever you are, while raising funds to restore and protect vital ecosystems across the country. 


There is no fee to register. Every dollar you raise and every step you take is a step forward for nature and wildlife. 


Learn more about the WWF’s Run to Restore Nature here 

Where and when does WWF’s Run to Restore Nature take place? 

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Anyone can participate in the WWF’s Run to Restore Nature in their own neighbourhood anywhere across Canada. The event takes place between May 7-15, 2022. Complete the entire run in one day or space it out, it’s up to you!  

Is there a cost to sign-up?  

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No, there is no registration fee but there is a minimum fundraising amount: 


$50 for the 5km Swift Fox Sprint 

$75 for the 10km Tiger Trek 

$100 for The Great Half Marathon Caribou Migration  

Are pets, strollers and bicycles allowed?  

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Of course! Run, walk, wheel or even skip, it’s entirely up to you. Easily incorporate your dog walks into your distance, walk with the whole family strollers included or bike with a friend. Anything that gets you out in nature and exercising counts! 

How long is the route?  

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There are 3 different distances to choose from: the 5km Swift Fox Sprint, the 10km Tiger Trek, or The Great Half Marathon Caribou Migration (21km).  


How do I sign-up? 

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  1. First, you’ll need to sign up on the website – registration is free, and open to anyone.
  2. Select your course length.
  3. Choose to register as an Individual, Create a Team or Join a Team
  4. Please complete all the steps to ensure you are fully registered. (Account, Your Page, Invite, Merch, Optional Donation)

Once on your Dashboard, you’ll find tools to set up a fundraising web page, send fundraising emails, check your fundraising progress and earn badges! You can also log your kilometres and times and track your run progress. 

Forgot my password? 

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If you forget your password, you can always request a password reset. This can be done by first selecting the login button from the main navigation bar at the top of the page by clicking here and then selecting the 'Forgot Password?' link. After entering the email address you used to sign up with, we will send you an email containing step by step instructions on resetting your password. 


I’ve already registered for WWF’s Run to Restore Nature. When do I receive a registration confirmation?  

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You will receive an email with your login information when you complete the first step of setting up your account, and another email when you are fully registered. Once you complete all steps of the registration process, you will receive your confirmation email.  


If you do not complete all steps of the registration process, and receive only your first email with login information, you will need to log in to complete your registration process. 


If you have not received any of your confirmation email and have checked your junk/spam folder contact us or 416-484-7700 with your full name and email address you used to register, and we can resend you your confirmation email.  

How do I register my children? Can children run? 

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Yes, everyone in the family can join in going the distance for wildlife! As a parent/guardian, when you sign up you have the option to add one or more children. Once you have completed your registration process and are logged in, click on your name in the top right corner to see the dropdown menu. The first heading under the dropdown menu “Switch Accounts”, allows you to toggle between your dashboard and the dashboards of any children’s accounts you are managing.  


You can also add another parent/adult and they will be emailed instructions to complete their own registration.  


How do I set up a team?  

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Click on SIGN UP from the main navigation bar at the top of the page then choose your course. The next window will allow you to choose to register as an Individual, Create a Team or Join a Team. Choose Create a Team and follow the steps to set up your team page where you will be able to choose a unique team name, set a team fundraising goal and invite other team members. 


You do not need to add your team members at the time of registration. You can invite them to join, after completing registration and creating your team page, by sharing the “Invite others to join your Team” link from your “My team” dashboard.  


NOTE: When you add team members during the registration process, they will be invited to join the same course that you chose. If you invite them to join by sending them the link after you complete the team page, they will be able to choose which length of course they would like to run 


As a team captain you will be able to toggle between your own personal fundraising dashboard “My page” and a team dashboard “My Team”.  

What are the benefits in signing up as a team? 

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Signing up as a team is great way to connect with your networks, keep each other motivated and work together towards having a greater collective impact. You will be able to create a Team fundraising page to track your team members' progress, collect team donations and share your story as a group.  


The team collectively works towards a larger team fundraising goal not the course distance. Any donations made to a team member’s individual fundraising page or directly to the team’s fundraising page count towards the total team’s fundraising goal.   


How do I add a co-captain for my team? 

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If you would like more than one person to have access to the Team page please just contact us at or 416-484-7700 with the name and email address of the team member(s) you would like to add. 

Can team members choose to run different distances? 

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Yes, team members can select different course distances if the captain isn’t registering them on their behalf at the time of registration.  


If you are the captain, you can invite others by sharing the link under the “My Team” homepage “Invite others to join your Team” heading with the prospective team members. Your team members can use that link to choose their course and register.  


If your team is set to allow anyone to join, you can share the public facing Team fundraising page. Potential teammates can use the ‘JOIN US’ button and will be able to select their preferred distance when registering to join you the team. 

If you accidentally registered for the wrong course, please contact us at or 416-484-7700.  

Fundraising & Donations

What is the minimum fundraising requirement? 

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$50 for the 5km Swift Fox Sprint 

$75 for the 10km Tiger Trek 

$100 for The Great Half Marathon Caribou Migration  


How do I start fundraising?  

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Fundraising can be fun and easy to do. There’s two simple ways to get started:  

  1. Fundraise online: Login to your personal fundraising dashboard. Update your personal page and share why you are going the distance for wildlife. Ask for support by sharing the link to your fundraising page on social media or by emailing friends and family. 
  2. Fundraise offline: Download and print the pledge form to share with friends and family and ask for donations. Host a fun event to raise funds like a raffle, garage sale or craft sale.   

Click here for more fundraising tips and support.   

Can I use Facebook’s fundraising platform to raise funds for my run? Fundraising on Facebook/Instagram 

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Facebook or Instagram may prompt you to create a fundraiser. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to connect donations that come through Facebook or Instagram fundraising pages to your personal fundraising page, so it is important to NOT USE these for your fundraising. This includes adding a “Donate” button to your Facebook or Instagram page. Fundraising on social media is still strongly encouraged and should be done so by sharing your fundraising page link from your Dashboard. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. 

What are the donations for?/Where do donations go? 

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The funds you raise will support WWF-Canada’s 10-year goals to restore at least one million hectares of degraded habitat and protect and steward at least 100 million hectares of ecologically rich ecosystems. Those ecosystems also store carbon. So, while you run to restore nature, you’re also supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 


Conquer your personal goals and be a part of something bigger. Together we can create a future where nature and people thrive. 


For more information, visit 

I have received donations in the form of cash or cheques (in my name). How do I turn them in? 

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Add cash donations to your fundraising page by following these steps: 

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Go to ‘My Fundraising’ and select ‘My Donations’ and then select ‘Add Offline Donations’
  3. Enter the donation amount. Please note that any money received for good sold (e.g., bake sale, raffle tickets, etc.) are not tax-deductible. For these UN-TICK the box under the amount field. 
  4. If you are entering a donation on someone else’s behalf and they wish to receive a tax receipt, ensure you include their correct name, email and mailing address.
  5. Use your credit card to make the donation. A tax receipt will be issued to your donor if applicable. 

If you prefer to fundraise completely offline, you can use our fundraising pledge form and mail it to WWF-Canada 410 Adelaide St. West, Suite 400 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8.  

I have received donations cheques written out to WWF-Canada. How do I turn them in? 

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Cheques you receive that are written out to WWF-Canada should be mailed it to WWF-Canada 410 Adelaide St. West, Suite 400 Toronto, ON M5V 1S8 with the donor’s full name, email address and mailing address. Please indicate the full name of the individual or team this donation is supporting. 

Tax receipts will be emailed (or mailed out if necessary) 2-3 weeks after WWF’s Run to Restore Nature event. 

Are all donations eligible for a tax receipt? 

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All donations made online through WWF’s Run to Restore Nature website will automatically be issued and emailed a tax-receipt.  


If you are entering a donation on someone else’s behalf, ensure you include their correct name and email so they will receive the tax receipt. 


If you have received funds from an event or bake sale, these would not be eligible for a tax receipt. 


For mailed-in donations of $10 or more, tax receipts will be emailed (or mailed out if necessary) 2-3 weeks after the WWF’s Run to Restore Nature event. To help reduce waste, please provide the email address of the donor for the tax receipt to be sent electronically.  

How can I access my tax receipt? 

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If you’ve made an online donation, you will receive an automated email that includes your tax receipt. You can also access your tax receipt at any time by logging in at the top right corner of the main page. Choose “Donor Login” and enter the same email address you used to donate. An email will be sent to you with a link to download your tax receipt(s).

If you are still having trouble, contact us at or (416) 484-7700.

Race Kits

Do I have to purchase a race kit?  

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No, race kits are an additional optional purchase. They’re a great way to enhance your experience but they are not mandatory.  

How do I purchase a race kit? 

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The deadline to purchase a race kit, to ensure delivery before the start of WWF’s Run to Restore Nature, has passed. If you are still keen to get one please email us at asap.

What’s included in the race kits? 

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  • 1 WWF branded headband 
  • 2 “I panda my planet” bracelets 
  • 1 WWF’s Run to Restore Nature runner bib 
  • 1 Sport towel in panda pouch on clip 
  • 2 WWF temporary tattoos 

How much are race kits? 

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$29 per race kit plus an $11 flat shipping fee. 

What is the deadline to order a race kit? 

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Order by April 20th to ensure kit delivery by kit before the start of WWF’s Run to Restore Nature (May 7th) 


What are the rewards?

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Raise various levels of donations to receive a BMO® WWF-Canada Mastercard® Gift Card redeemable towards purchases at 


Rewards are available to individuals for confirmed donations made through their personal fundraising page or submitted by cheque/credit card via mail to WWF-Canada. 


All donations must be received by May 31, 2022, to be included in your total.  One code per person per purchase. 


Reward redemption codes will be awarded via email by June 15, 2022.  Gift Card Redemption Codes will be valid until Dec 31, 2022. 


In addition to the BMO® WWF-Canada Mastercard® Gift Cards you can now save 20% on H&M Sport collection* purchases in-store between April 27-May 20. See conditions below.


See participating locations


For more info, please see our rewards page.


*To redeem offer, customers will need to provide either a print or a digital copy of their registration confirmation from WWF-Canada with valid photo ID. Offer is only redeemable in-store. Offer is one-time use on items from the H&M Sport collection, found at select locations. Offer cannot be combined with sale and already reduced sport items. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Cannot be used for Gift Card purchase. No adjustments on prior purchases. Valid in Canada only and on H&M Sport collections. Check online to find your closest location that carries H&M Sport. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


How do I track my kilometres online?  

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To track your kilometres manually, log into your account and from your Dashboard select My Fitness Activity. From here, under the Add Activity window, you can add the date, type of activity, and number of kilometres completed, once done click the save changes button (on the black footer at the bottom of the page). There may be a short delay for the distance to show up on your page.


You can also track your kilometers for free by using one of the preferred fitness apps Fitbit, Strava or Garmin, and then upload it to your Dashboard to share your runs on your fundraising page. Find the  buttons for each of the apps under “Connect your preferred Fitness app” either on your Dashboard or under your “My Fitness activity” heading.

NOTE: If you log your activity via an app, it will take 24 hours for your activity to appear on your page.

Can I start tracking my kilometres before May 7th? 

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You are welcome to track your kilometres as you train before WWF's Run to Restore Nature race period begins on May 7, 2022. Keep in mind that all training activities logged will be removed before May 7 to ensure fairness over the Race Period of May 7-15.