Why Run?

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Why Run to Restore Nature?

Participating in WWF’s Run to Restore Nature is your chance to go the distance for wildlife and chart another course for our planet.

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What are you running for?

To reverse wildlife loss and slow the pace of climate change, we need to reverse nature loss.

The places that wildlife need to find food and water, raise their young, rest during migration, and hibernate in the winter are disappearing. This habitat loss is made worse by climate change.

Drawing from scientific analysis and Indigenous guidance, all of WWF-Canada’s conservation efforts will drive toward reversing the seemingly irreversible path we are on.

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What your funds will support

The funds you raise will support WWF-Canada’s 10-year goals to restore at least one million hectares of degraded habitat and protect and steward at least 100 million hectares of ecologically rich ecosystems. Those ecosystems also store carbon. So, while you run to restore nature, you’re also supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Conquer your personal goals and be a part of something bigger. Together we can create a future where nature and people thrive.