The cozy foxes

5 KM Swift Fox Sprint

We did the Ride!

WWF ride to restore nature w/team cozy foxes 🦊

We are participating in WWF’s Run to Restore Nature

We are participating in WWF’s Run to Restore Nature to raise funds to help create a world where nature and people thrive. We’d really love your support to help us reach our fundraising goal. Every dollar raised helps to conserve species at risk, protect threatened habitats, and address climate change.

Our Achievements

50% of Team Fundraising Target

Sharing your team's page

Reached your team goal

Getting the word out

Setting goals high

Thank you to our Sponsors


Siobhan, Bryce, Griffin, Jasper And Emme!

So proud of you, Nellie! 🤍


K Colm Egan

We’ll done Nellie, love, Nanny and Papi xx


Janie S

Bravo Nellie! Je suis fière de toi!!


Liz Laird

Voila! Looks really good. Love Mom




Stéphanie Lepage


Frances Murray

Run run run!


Melissa Egan

Go, go, go, little cozy fox! 🧡 🦊 🧡




Ashley Lariviere


Yasmine Yousef


Ashley Linkenheld