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To the park and back…for the love of nature

Mardi 15th Aug

Immersing myself in the wilderness is my cherished passion, and I'm committed to preserving nature and wildlife for generations to come. I long for my children and grandchildren to witness the enduring beauty I've come to adore. As a testament to this commitment, I'm excited to share that I'm joining #Holtrenfrew's head office team for the upcoming WWF Race for Wildlife. You're welcome to accompany me in a walk, run, or bike ride, or simply follow my biking journey from my home to one of my treasured wildlife sanctuaries: Pinery Provincial Park. This expedition will span 120 kilometers, aimed at raising both awareness and funds for this exceptional cause. For more information, please visit my fundraising page.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Love that you are representing and raising awareness for a good cause! Good luck on your run sir!!


Conor Cox

Spending time in the wilderness is my favourite pastime and I would do anything to help preserve nature and wildlife. I want my children and grandchildren also see and experience the same beauty that I do for many years to come.


Wojtek Magier

Good Work!


Stephanie Majda

Have the best ride Conor!!!