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I’m participating in WWF’s Race for Wildlife

I’m participating in WWF’s Race for Wildlife to raise funds to help create a world where nature and people thrive. I’d really love your support to help me reach my fundraising goal. Every dollar raised helps to conserve species at risk, protect threatened habitats, and address climate change.

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Day 3

Dimanche 24th Sep
Final day...last 10km...it was a good day and I'm so glad I completed my goal for such a good cause!!!

Day 2

Dimanche 24th Sep
Was a busy day but still managed a nice morning walk, complete with morning mist which gave it a magical feel!!

Day 1

Vendredi 22nd Sep
Here we go!!! Day did not go entirely as planned so instead of walking it wound up being the indoor bike.  Still was a great start and tomorrow is a new day....

Start of the Journey...

Jeudi 6th Jul
I suppose registering is step 1.  Here I am again and looking forward to doing my part for nature and critters.  This year will be a bit of a different challenge as I only have 3 days instead of 8 days.  BUT....I'm up for it!!!

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We are behind you Heather.


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Good Luck!!!



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Good Luck Heather!


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Good Luck Heather!


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Go Heather Go


Ruth Hansen

Go crush it! Best of luck!