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Hello, Hudson here! This year I'm participating in WWF's Run to Restore Nature. I have been raising money for the WWF on my birthday for the last 5 years. I have raised well over $2000. This year, I will dedicate 1000 steps for every single person that donates, from $1 to $1000 because every single dollar helps.

Love, Hudson

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You have a giant heart! Congratulations on blowing past your goal! Also happy belated birthday


Alison And Gang

Happy Birthday Hudson. So proud of all your efforts to protect nature and make a difference.



Happy 10th Birthday Hudson


Nana And Papa Clark

We are so proud of you. Love you!


Marcel & Tamara


Rita Courville

I'm so proud of you!


Suzy Machado

Happy Birthday Hudson! Great initiative.


Jeremy Clark


Linda Moyer

Hi Hudson, happy to sponsor a worth while cause. Good for you!


Natalie Courville


Andree-lynne Courville


Natasha Lafave

You are such a rockstar! Happy Birthday 🎂🎉💕


Matante & Koda

You're so awesome!!


Famille Thomson

Happy birthday! 🐰🐹🦇🐣🐯🦊🐶


Lorraine Boyd

Congratulations Hudson and a very happy 10th birthday from Wendy and Great Aunt Lorraine.


Gabriel Marcucci

Congratulations Hudson.



So proud of you Hudson, for doing such a noble job.


Parker Chhangur

Happy birthday! So proud of you 🥰


Daniella Zach

So proud of you Hudson!!


Mary-jane Toal

Happy 10th Birthday Hudson. Very proud of you for your efforts to preserve our wildlife.


Lise Chatelain


Geneviève Javier


Danielle Bruno

Good luck on making your goal! :)


Tina Park

Happy birthday Hudson! Can't believe you're already 10!


Stephanie Barrera


Lee Ann Donald

Happy birthday Hudson


Nathalie Sabatini Dahan

Good luck Hudson and Happy Birthday 🤩



Thank you Hudson for thinking of the animals! Have a wonderful birthday!


Hazel Pearson


Matante Mel Et Chloé

We're very proud of you for making a difference and helping our planet. I can't wait to see what great things you do next. Keep up the good work!


The Mason Family

As a friend of Melanie's I thought this was such a great thing for he nephew Hudson to do instead of birthday presents. This small gift is from the Mason family outside of Smiths Falls.


Louise Tosques-dilalla

Wow,great work you are doing here. Congrats, keep up your successes.


Alexandre Payette


Ivy Courville-clark


Iris Courville-clark