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I’m participating in WWF’s Race for Wildlife

I’m participating in WWF’s Race for Wildlife to raise funds to help create a world where nature and people thrive. I’d really love your support to help me reach my fundraising goal. Every dollar raised helps to conserve species at risk, protect threatened habitats, and address climate change.

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Dimanche 24th Sep

My personal record to beat 80 km in 24 hours

Mercredi 30th Aug
Next is 100 km in 24 hours on September 22, 2023

Preparing for 100km in 24 hrs Sept 22

Lundi 28th Aug

Thank you Sharon for sharing about the Empire Penguin

Vendredi 25th Aug

The wolverine

Vendredi 11th Aug

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sharon Kelly

I read an article this morning about how 90% of Empire penguin chicks born in Antarctica last season died when the ice melted due to climate change, they either drowned or starved to death. Broke my heart. Great of you to do this Have fun


Shannon Tremblay

Kelly you make me proud to be your sister! Great idea to do this walk, and maybe a little crazy too! Hopefully this will not only help the Wolverine, but my favourite animal, The beautiful Polar Bear!!!


Mike Mychailenko


D-p Cloutier


Shelley Adam

Go Kell Go you got this😃


Kelly Foran


Melissa Brummer


Shawn Foran

Good work, Brother. Hope you have a great walk!




Sally Foran

Supporting you all the way Kelly! What an adventure! xo


Michelle Foran


Blaine Foran

Good job brother


John Michael Curley

Anyone who donate their time for something important, is a WINNER.


Brittney Crilly

Good luck GrandPAW Kelly - Ollie


Colleen Powell

Way to go ,Kelly


Kelly Squillace


Effie Maimonis

What a great cause !! Go Kelly, gooooo!!!!




Anna Sukhdeo


Deb Cain-moroz


Sheena Powell


Lisa Mcfadden



Rahul Mehta

Wishing you all the best! 💪🏽


Sandee Leclerc-vandal

Thanks for caring ❤️


Susan Wright


Nafay Khilji