Vancouver Climb

Venue TBC, BC • Late spring, 2024

Very little compares to the electric energy of a venue full of people who share the same passion and are rooting for the same outcome. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be hosting a new climb in Vancouver this June to support Team Nature.

Event Details

Climb Venue TBD

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 Late spring date TBD

time TBD

We are working hard to confirm a venue and date for our first ever climb for nature in Vancouver. Please stay tuned for updates. 

Participation Options

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 Our first ever venue climb in Vancouver, BC will have two participation options for all fitness levels. The Cub Climb will be less than 3,000 steps (up and down), and the Grizzly Climb will be over 3,000 steps (up and down) for those who want to take on more of a challenge. 


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The minimum fundraising requirement of $125 per person must be submitted before or on climb day to be eligible to climb. We’re here to help you reach your goal, so if you have any questions about fundraising just ask.


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Check out our FAQ page.

Email us at or call 416-484-7700.

The future of our planet may seem irreversible, but don’t count wildlife out yet. WWF’s Climb for Nature x Vancouver gives you the opportunity to get off the sidelines and into the fight against wildlife loss and climate change. Help Team Nature win by climbing alongside hundreds of fellow wildlife fans. 

We are working hard to confirm a venue and date for our first ever WWF Climb for Nature x Vancouver. Please stay tuned for updates, or you can register early to climb as an individual or with a team of friends, family, colleagues, or fellow students. There is a registration fee of $25 and minimum fundraising amount of $125 to climb. Children age 17 and under can register for free until January 31, 2024 by inviting a child to a group registration, or using the promo code PandaPaws.

Register to climb and join a movement to protect and restore nature, reverse wildlife loss and fight climate change.



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How your climb makes a difference

Funds raised will support our ambitious 10-year plan to Regenerate Canada and
build a future with abundant wildlife, where nature and people thrive.

1 million

Restore at least one million hectares, regenerating lost complex ecosystems that provide essential wildlife habitat and sequester carbon in nature.

100 million

Steward at least 100 million hectares of vital ecosystems for wildlife and communities.

Reduce carbon
emissions by
30 million tonnes

Reduce carbon emissions by 30 million tonnes by restoring carbon-rich habitats and protecting current carbon stores.